Good behavior and obedience need to start early.
Poodles are very intelligent and need to be shown who is the boss.  They will try and own you if you are not firm enough.

Try and teach them the basics such as sit-stay and come.  If you have time I highly recommend puppy pre-school which is held at most vets. Don’t forget to ask about it when you take your pup in for it’s second vaccination.

There are man video clips on YouTube showing the learning ability of Toy Poodles

Toilet Training

When your puppies arrives at your home it will most likely not be house trained yet.  We do try to teach them to go toilet on news paper.

Remember accidents do happen they are only young.  Going to a new home also changes things for them.

Always remember to take them to where you have chosen to teach them to go toilet after every meal and when they wake up.  Don’t wait for them to start smelling before you take them out because it will be too late.

Never punish or reprimand a puppy who has had an accident.

Always praise them when you take them out and they go to the toilet.  Even if they go on the paper where you have left for them to go.

They are smart and will know that you are praising them by the tone in your voice.