Safety of your Pup


Make sure your pup is safe from anything they can reach and get into. By getting down to your puppies level you can check to see if there are any electrical wires or cords that could be chewed or anything valuable that can be destroyed.  Make certain that your pup cannot get stuck anywhere or sneak out from doors that may be left open.
By puppy proofing your home you can avoid a lot of heart ache later.


  • If your puppy will be spending time outdoors unsupervised make sure that you look around the garden.
  • Check for holes or gaps in your fence where your puppy can escape from.
  • Make sure you check paws for dirt to make sure they are not digging under fences.
  • Check for chemical fertalisers, herbicides and insecticides within their reach.
  • Check for poisonous plants and if unsure search on the internet or plant books.

Poisonous Foods

Check on the internet for foods that can be poisonous to your puppy and never feed them anything you are unsure of.